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Monte Rosa - moderately difficult tours




MR2) Cingino - a hike with ibexes and through tunnels

2 days


Hike through one of the most impressive alpine sceneries: enormous waterfalls, dark and calm tarns, torrents, larch forests (don't miss the golden trees in october!) and lunar landscapes above the timberline.

On the first part we pass two large artificial lakes shimmering in turquoise, blue and green. An old railway track allows to cross the steep slope between the dam wall and the end of the upper lake. We walk through a great scenery with thin forests and bizarre rock formations.

Then a long valley follows, and we hike for several kilometers along a wild stream. At the end of this valley we have to ascend about 600 meters to reach our destination of this day, a recently built, small hut.

Although the shelter is in good conditions, a stove is missing, so do not forgot your warm clothings!

Nearby there is a dam where often ibexes are climbing and jumping. Incredible! Just take a look at this video!

On the next day the real adventure begins. We cross over the dam of an artificial tarn and enter a tunnel over two kilometers in length. So do not forget your miner's lamp, too! But don't worry, the hole is illuminated! (But very narrow, too: for the most part not wider than half a meter!)

After we have passed this crazy part of our hike we walk on a covered water pipe to the next artificial lake. From there on, we descend back to our starting point. Again we can enjoy great views overlooking the valley with its lakes and waterfalls.

Start at Antronalago.





MR3) San Martino - trekking at its best

4 to 5 days


This is the most exciting and varied tour you can imagine! It will demand a lot, but it will be worth it! Old pastures, dark tarns, high peaks with incredible panoramas and cozy mountain huts. Really an once in a lifetime experience!

Our first day brings us from a nice old village in the Anzasca valley, which we will reach by bus, to the oldest pasture of the Alps which is still not dilapidated.

To get there, we have to follow a steep and mostly unknown path through great sceneries. Passing waterfalls, scarp slopes and forests, we will finally reach our destination, where we will find a small shelter for the night. Also this construction is under the protection of the European Union.

On the second day we ascend without any track to a pass without a name - pure solitariness! There the landscape opens to a plateau with many little tarns and torrents. We cross through a fascinating alpine scenery and reach the next hut - cute and even nicer than the last one!

We deposit our stuff and therefore win without extraordinary efforts one of the most outstanding peaks of the region. Pizzo San Martino offers views overlooking the whole Ossola valley, Val Grande national park, the icy giants of Valais and much more!

After our return to the hut we can enjoy a great evening, either in front of the building at the table made of stone or inside infront of the warm stove.

On the third day we start with a long descent passing mountain lakes, many roaring rivers, exceptionally beautiful pastures and larch forests. Many nice places invite us to take a rest... At the end we enter a dark beech forest, cross on a small path to the next valley and begin with an even steeper ascent.


But it's worth it! After many meters of excausting climbing (on foot of course) we reach our next shelter, the most beautiful one of our hike. In a silent, isolated environment we can enjoy the great views and the atmosphere of the evening.

The last day will bring us to the a long valley with forests and rivers. After we have entered the forest, we will follow a good maintained track which ends at the small village of Pontegrande, the end of our trip.


It is possible to prolong the hike. Before our last descent there is the possibility to stay in another hut offering us the possibility to visit an old and abandoned gold mine on the next day. My recommendation!

Start at Borgone.

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