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all prices per person and in euro


they are inclusive:

transfer within the region, complete food supply*, overnight stays*, all fees and taxes



























each additional day per person prices as shown above

groups with more than 4 participants on request

group reduction as shown only possible when group is enrolled together

*in case of an individual booking of an operated hut possible fees for food and/or overnight stay (including those of the guide) have to be payed directly to the operator

deposit to be payed in advance approx. 33% - PAYPAL APPRECIATED!

with every booking you will get a detailed invoice and information (including pack list)




for you booking request or any questions please send me an email




or just call me


0049 151 566 90 564



for a summary of available dates please visit the calendar of the german homepage




please note the general terms and conditions as follows


Person responsible in terms of content (§55 Abs. 2 RStv): Tim Shaw


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Tim Shaw

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general terms and conditions

1. enrollment


By making a written enrollment (also by email) the participant offers the binding conclusion of the contract. The contract (according to German law § 611 BGB) will be reached with the written confirmation by piemont-trekking (subsequent called organizer).


2. form of payment, maturity


Without payment of the full amount the participant has no claim to receive any services by the organizer. A deposit (33% of the amount, 100% in case of voucher) has to be payed by bank transfer within one week after having received the confirmation of enrollment by the organizer. The date of the credit entry on the organizer's bank account will by decisively. Should the payment will not reach in time the organizer, the booked tour can be canceled at any time.


In case of short-term bookings (within one week before starting the tour) no deposit has to be payed.


The remaining amount has to be payed either cash at the moment of beginning the tour or cashless. In this case the amount has to reach the organizer in time.


All prices are shown in Euro. Any payment will only be accepted in Euro.


The shown group reduction rates are only valid when the group is booked at one time.


3. changes


The described tours (see www.piemont-trekking.com and all published media) are subject of alteration at any time. These alterations do not change the substance character of the tour. Should a tour be changed essentially and should the organizer be fully responsible for this change, the participant can withdraw from the contract at any time and without any costs. An already payed deposit will be refunded. Beside this, the participant does not have any further claims for compensation.


Should the character of a tour be changed while being on the track, the participant can only claim a refund for the part being changed, not for the whole tour. Services offered as described have to be payed accordingly.


In particular, there can be changes at any time concerning the route, huts etc. Especially when hiking on a difficult track, time may be invested in searching the right track. Although the guide does know one's way around perfectly, there is never a guarantee to stay on or find the described path. Landscape is changing rapidly, this will be force majeur. Therefore it may also be possible that a tour will be prolonged or that parts of the tour have to be skipped to finish it in the arranged time. All these changes are no changes for which the organizer will be responsible and no refund will be made.


4. beginning and ending


The tour starts with the beginning of the transfer or, if not booked, at the arranged meeting point. It ends at the arranged finishing point, with or without transfer.


5. withdrawal


If the participant will not be met at the arranged point (“no-show”), the deposit will be kept by the organizer. Vouchers will expire completely. Should the deposit not be payed yet, the participant has to pay this amount retroactively. This occurs in particular for short-term bookings, for which there is no deposit to be payed in advance.


Expenses payed in advance by the organizer have to be payed completely and additionally by the no-showing participant.


A substitute can be named by the participant at any time. All rights and duties of the contract will be transferred to the this substitute.


Vouchers never can be refunded. They are valid two years from the date of issuance and are transferable at any time.


6. force majeur


Should a tour be canceled due to force majeur (for example bad weather, landslide, flooding, avalanches), no refund of amounts already payed can be claimed by the participant. The decision if a tour can be realized or not, will always be made by the guide and have to accepted. The guide can offer an alternative date or route, if possible – if not or if the participant should not accept this alternative, the amount already payed is valid as a deposit for another tour, which has to be started not later than two years after the canceled tour. If there will be any difference at the expense of the participant, no refund will be made.


Should the character of an already started tour changes due to force majeur (for example no views due to fog), no refund will be made.


Also huts with no space left, which may also be possible because there is no possibility to reserve places, is force majeur.


7. liability, insurance coverage


The participant declares with his/her signature (at latest to be given at the beginning of the tour), that he/she participates at own risk. He/she will be responsible for all personal, material and consequential damages caused by him/her and takes care of sufficient insurance coverage. An insurance policy for abroad, valid in Italy, must be took out in advance.


The organizer, its employees, assistants and fulfillment partners deny any responsibility for any detrimental event. The participant waives all claims he might get due to this event. This waiver is also valid for relatives and persons who are entitled to maintenance of the participant. Also any claims made by third parties are waived and must be solved directly with the third party.


It is especially pointed out, that the organizer is not responsible for any damages caused by an equipment of inferior quality and/or insufficient fitness of the participant.


The organizer's responsibility in case of gross negligence and/or intent may never be waived.


8. equipment


The participant has to care for his/her proper, save and fitting the conditions of the booked equipment. The organizer will make available any equipment only if previously arranged.


Should the participant appear without a proper equipment, the organizer may bar him/her from the tour. In that case the organizer will keep all already made payments. A possible necessary departure will be at the participant´s expense.


The participant's equipment may be checked by the organizer at any moment. Also if the organizer might not recognize an improper equipment, the participant will still be fully responsible for his/her equipment.


9. observance of orders


All orders made by the organizer and/or tourguide have to be followed without any reservation.


If a participant violates these terms and/or any safety rule or will the other participants or the feasibility of the tour be endangered by the participant, the organizer has the right to bar him/her from the tour. In that case all already made payments will be kept by the organizer.


10. conditions of entry, minimum age


It is in the participant's responsibility to be right about his/her fitness and to choose a tour according to his/her current fitness. If an improper fitness will be turned out at or after the beginning of a tour, the organizer and/or tourguide has the right to bar the participant from the tour at participant's expense. All already made payments will be kept by the organizer.


Eligible are only adults. Minors can participate only after having consulted the organizer and when accompanied by at least one legal guardian.


Please always get in touch with the organizer if you want to enroll a minor.


11. assurance


By making the enrollment, the participant assures that he/her meets with all conditions shown in the booked tour portrayal. These terms of conditions are fully accepted by the participant when making the enrollment.


12. pictures


Any participant accepts, that the organizer has the right to take pictures at any time, to make copies and publish them afterwards in any media worldwide and at any time. There will be no compensation made by the organizer. All (copy)rights of pictures made by the guide while being on tour are transferred to the organizer.


13. legal basis, legal domicile, language


The law of the Federal Republic of Germany will apply. Any disputes will be settled before a competent Friedrichshafen court of law.


The official language of piemont-trekking is German. Any misunderstanding, also in legal sense, resulting of an incorrect translation into another language will be invalid. The only applicable terms of conditions are the German ones, which can be found at www.piemont-trekking.de or which will be handed over by the organizer on request.

Click here to see the german version of these conditions.

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