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the mountain huts - a very special thing...

When you are hiking across the region for several days, you will make an extraordinary experience for sure... also at night!

The italian mountain huts are more or less shelters, not accomodations - and that's why they are, in a certain way, so cozy and cute!


Usually they are not very well known and cannot be reached by foot very easily, so they are poorly attended (some of their guest books do not show more than ten overnight stays in a whole year).

So be prepared: when you are arriving at the hut in the late evening after an exhausting trip, the day will not be finished yet. There are several things to do: to carry water from the next fountain, to search and to gather firewood, to light the fire in the oven, sometimes also to gather some foliage to sleep on... but don't worry about the kitchen and the dinner, that's my job!

You always have to carry a warm sleeping bag and warm clothes, too. The nights in the mountains can be very cold, also in Italy! And the huts are not insulated, they are only old barns made of stone. Sometimes they even do not have a chimney - then the smoke of the fireplace will escape through the holey roof...

And, by the way, there is hardly ever electricity. Light the candles and enjoy a romantic evening in front of the open fire!

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