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National Park Val Grande - difficult tour




VG6) In the middle of the wilderness

5 days


From the scenic valley of Vigezzo we walk on well kept path through thin forests and follow some beautiful torrents. After a while, we ascend to the border of the national park from where the tracks will be noticeable more narrow. There, in the midst of the silence and solitariness of Val Grande, we will find our first shelter. It is not an official bivouac but an old and small farmhouse, in the middle of a forgotten valley... The particularly thing: there is no chimney in the hut, the smoke of the fire will clear from the room through the holey roof made of stone.

On our second day we proceed through unspoiled nature and cross on abandoned trails the valley of Biordo. The path leading through the valley has been given up decades ago, so don't do this without a guide! At some places, we have to use our hands and maybe (depends on the season) cross vast dock fields.

After we have walked some hours through deep gorges and steep slopes we will begin our ascent to the upper center of the national park, Mottac. This place, where we find our next shelter, offers a 360° view over the whole area. It is one of the most amazing sceneries of the region. Also the hut is much more comfortable than the last one.

The third day is an offroad day as well. Right from the hut we follow an old, nearly completely cancelled path. Through steep forests we will reach some ruins, an historic place, where during the Second World War fascist soldiers killed italian partisans.


Finally we will reach the valley bottom, still staying on old tracks. Then, after a while, we change to a more comfortable path, which brings us to an old lumberjack shelter. Still one hour to go, and we will have reached today's destination, the installation of In la Piana. There we can enjoy the perfect oven and the very cozy hut.

From there, 99% of all hikers follow the well kept path up to the main entrance of the national park, Scaredi. We don't! Same direction, but other tracks. All of them are abandoned for a long time, so we will discover forgotten and beautiful places as we did the days before.


Then we will change direction: instead of leaving the park we ascend to another incredible place, the famous hut of Bocchetta di Campo. Once upon a time the farmers chased their cows on this path: nowadays unbelievable, we have to cross steep rock faces and follow small stages.


At Bocchetta di Campo we will have the unique opportunity to see sunset and sunrise: the hut has been built right on the ridge and allows views to the lower and the upper part of the "great valley".


On our last day we will always follow the main ridge of the national park - this time on official tracks. We pass some small lakes and cross the geological border between Europe and Africa. After the long walk a last peak with marvellous views, then a last descent - finally on a large and comfortable path - and we reach our starting point and have made five peerless days in the middle of the wilderness.

Start at Patqueso.

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