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National Park Val Grande - easy tours



VG1) Pian Cavallone - great views overlooking the Lake Maggiore

1 day



One day on the hills above the blue lake. We walk on well-kept tracks through forests of birchs and firs and ascend a simple peak which offers overwhelming views up to Milan and the Apennines.

Then, on the way downhill, we pass a small hut where we can rest a while and drink some coffee.

There is also the possibility to book this tour for two days. In this case we stay for the night in the cozy hut of Curgei. At night we stroll on a hill nearby to enjoy the lights of Milan, the airport and the coast of the lake. Unique!

Start at Miazzina (Verbania). Also suitable for children.






VG2) Bondolo

2 days


From the northern end of the park, Malesco, we walk through one of the most amazing valleys, the Valle Loana. At the end of this valley we will reach an almost unknown pass and descend through a steep channel. There we will find a small hut surrounded by a fascinating alpine landscape.

On the next day we follow a picturesque valley and pass numerous pastures still in action. Now we can decide: Malesco is only one hour away - or we climb on the near La Cima to admire the great views overlooking the Valle Vigezzo.


Start at Malesco.






VG3) Faiè and Buè - five lakes and the infinite wilderness

1 day


This is the trip to a summit with one of the most famous panoramas of the region. On top, we will have a view to nearly everywhere: the five lakes (Lake Maggiore, Varese, Monate, Mergozzo, Orta), the suburbs of Milan, the mountains of the Val Grande National Park and those of Valais like Monte Rosa, Alallin, Dom, Weissmies - all over 4000 meters in height.

We start at the end of a narrow road nearly one thousand meters above the valley so we will have to climb only 400 meters to reach the top. On our way we will pass some pastures, a great birch forest with erratics and the views will gradually become more and more fantastic.

After we have enjoyed the panoramas we enter the national park: remoteness and silence... We cross nearly infinite beech forests until we reach an old and abandoned pasture. The signs of the past are visible everywhere: places where charcoal burners did their work, where decades ago passed a funicular in order to transport wood and where the farmers cultivated their lands. Nowadays everything is reconquered by mother nature.

At the ghost town Corte Buè we can visit not only ruins but also a little bivouac which offers not more then four places. There we can have a rest and drink some coffee.

On our way back we pass many chestnut trees - once upon a time an important supplier of food - and an old mule track.

After we have then passed away the last ascent back to the starting point a cosy hut will offer us a possibility to have some Snack or beer - but only during the summer season.

It is also possible to do this trip as a two days hike with an overnight stay in the little shelter of Buè.

In wintertime, when there is maybe snow, we have to change the route because of the avalanche risk. But the trip on the summit and to Buè is still possible without any threat.

Start at Alpe Ompio.

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