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National Park Val Grande - moderately difficult tours




VG4) Lake of marble

1 day


Also this hike is very varied as it is tour number 3, but it is more alpine. We start at the northern border of Val Grande at already 1250 meters and leave the forest soon.

Then we follow an old mule track which ascends to the undulating area of Scaredi, main access to the large valley of the national park. Here we can enjoy overwhelming views overlooking all the inaccessible Val Grande and the highest peaks of Europe including Monte Rosa.

This place offers also the possibility to visit one of the state-owned bivouacs.

We then leave the official path and climb, always on easy terrain, to the lake of marble (Lago di Marmo). The huge marble vein which delivers the building fabric of the dome of Milan appears near the lake.

After we passed the lake we still go on uphill until we have reached a fabulous summit (2183m) in the middle of the national park. From there we can also see the southern part of Val Grande, the Lake Maggiore and the Padan Plain.

Our descent leads us to another small shelter, a former cow barn. We go on reaching a ridge, always with great prospects, and follow an old path downhill until we reach our starting Point again.

Start at Val Loana / Fondo li Gabbi.






VG5) Crossing the north

4 days


My recommendation! This is probably the best and most varied tour of the national park. We visit comfortable huts as well as spartan shelters, well kept tracks as well as narrow paths, dense forests as well as rocky summits with unforgettable views.

On ouf first day we walk through tremendous beech forests, pass the picturesque mountain village Finero and enjoy the long and silent valley of Prebusa. At the end of this valley there is still a steep ascent to do - but then we can relax in a nice little hut with stove and bedroom under the original stone roof. Here we will stay for the first night. Enjoy the candle light dinner - I will serve tortelloni boiled over the fire.

The following second day is the most spectacular one for sure! After a short climb we enter the heart of the national park - from there on, there will be only silence... At first, we climb on an extraordinary summit - an absolute highlight! Views overlooking the Lake Maggiore and the whole eastern part of the park are not the only thing... also the majestic Monte Rosa is greeting us from afar!

Then let's say hello to the wilderness! In midsummer, a turquoise pond invites us to have a bath. Afterwards, a narrow path leads us down the valley till we reach the central river. But it's still not over. After we have passed a shaky suspension bridge and some huts, the installation of In la Piana, we follow a narrow and steep path to an extraordinary place called Mottac.

From up there we can overlook all the wilderness area of Val Grande, it is more or less the most panoramic place of the national park.

In the hut, where I passed an whole winter some years ago, we will have a nourishing dinner in front of the warm wood-burning stove!

On the next day the tracks are considerable worse than on the day before - a terrific challenge for everyone who is looking for complete wilderness!

We follow a narrow ridge full of larches and rocks till we reach the western border of the area.

After we have passed a last summit high above the valley of Ossola we descend to the next beautiful huts: Rina. Here we can overlook the giants of Switzerland (including Monte Rosa) and wait for the great sunset...

On the last day we follow a path which keeps its height till we have reached the northernmost ridge of the area. Always to our left: nine summits over 4000 meters and an haunting alpine landscape. Finally, we descend to Trontano, where we board a regional train to get back to our starting point.

Start at Re.


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