Monte Rosa and Ossola

Val Grande National Park

Lake Maggiore

official guide of the piedmont region


unforgettable hikings through unspoiled nature

If you want to visit the largest wilderness area in Italy, I am the right choice to guide you!


Everything is possible - from easy one-day-walks to challenging hikes for up to one week.


Here you will find some of the most fascinating trips. But that's only a short summary.

Just contact me, and I will be glad to plan your individual journey.

There are two different regions where I am offering guided tours: in the Val Grande National Park and in the Ossola valleys. The first one is the officially largest wilderness area of the alps, abandoned since decades, where nature reigns. And the second one is more alpine, mostly above the timberline with spectacular views and more or less unknown. We will not meet many people in both of the regions... so just have a look at my suggestions and choose your next unforgettable adventure in Italy!

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