Monte Rosa and Ossola

Val Grande National Park

Lake Maggiore

official guide of the piedmont region


Ossola - alpine wilderness and solitariness

Not a national park - and thanks to that more or less unknown...  A fascinating alpine scenery is waiting for you!  Enjoy great views, breath the clear air and live the italian style with overnight stays in small shelters made of stone.  As in the Val Grande also in these valleys - Anzasca, Antrona, Antigorio, Vigezzo - we will find many traces of history. And the surroundings are even more spectacular!

Just send me an email and I will be glad to answer your questions and to organize an unforgettable trip through the forgotten valleys of Northern Italy for you.

There are two categories in which you can classify your skills:



for all beginners and tourists, who want to have an extraordinary experience without being specially trained; only day trips.


Moderately difficult

for all passionate hikers, who have a good head for heights and are well experienced in mountainous terrain; up to five days in the Monte Rosa region and six days in the northern valleys of the area are possible.

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